‘Florida is Magical in So Many Ways’: Wild Floridian Karlos Bernart on Adventure Sports Podcast


“The biggest muscle you need to take on any big challenge in life — doesn’t matter what it is whether it’s bikepacking or just getting through that next project — is just a want.”

Adventure Podcast 1

For Karlos Bernart, a Live Wildly Wild Floridian, that “want’ was finding a unique, untested way to discover Florida’s wild side, and bring others along with him. On the latest episode of the Adventure Sports Podcast with Mason Gravely, Bernart talks about how and why he is sharing his love for Florida and passion for bikepacking — off-road biking mixed with backpacking — through guiding, maintaining and establishing new paths and events across the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Thanks to the Corridor connecting so much of Florida’s natural wonder and beauty, Bernart can fulfill his desire to add a mix of exhilaration and fun to folks’ outdoor recreation opportunities. Without the Corridor, his dream wouldn’t be possible.

“I think Florida is magical in so many ways,” he tells Gravely. At Live Wildly, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re working with Corridor advocates like Bernart and Gravely to help spread awareness on the importance of protecting, connecting and enjoying the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

Listen to the full podcast here!