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Live Wildly was created to raise public awareness and support for wildlife corridor conservation, and jump-start a movement to fully protect and connect these critical networks. Through collaboration with partner organizations, Live Wildly is helping citizens understand their direct connection to Corridors, and the value they play in everyday life.

We’re on a mission to FIRST help protect and conserve the iconic Florida Wildlife Corridor – and secure the remaining 46% of its vast network that is at risk.

The Campaign launch in April 2022 champions the connection between Florida’s environmental and economic interests, between its immediate and long-term needs, between sections of the Florida Wildlife Corridor itself. Economically and ecologically, culturally and commercially, the Florida Wildlife Corridor is integral to Florida’s future. And to keep Florida, Florida, we must never lose sight of this nature/business symmetry that is essential to the state’s identity. By keeping the Florida Wildlife Corridor connected, we can ensure Florida will stay true to its soul and continue to be a place where wild is always welcome. Live Wildly is a 501(c)3 organization.