Live Wildly and Moultrie Mobile Partner to Give Floridians a Better Picture of How Nature Touches Their Lives


People who join the movement to protect Wild Florida receive discount pricing on Moultrie Mobile’s innovative cellular trail cameras that capture hidden wildlife.

Florida, USA [May 29, 2024] – People can sometimes forget how nature touches their daily lives. That’s why Live Wildly and Moultrie Mobile have joined forces to bring people closer to the great outdoors and help them connect with the natural world around them.


Through the new partnership, every person who signs up to become a member of Live Wildly’s “Join the Movement” campaign will receive a discount on Moultrie Mobile’s trail cameras. These cellular cameras will automatically connect to the strongest cell signal in your area and they work on any of the major cell providers in the U.S. When an animal walks past the camera, it takes a photo or video and uploads it for viewing on the Moultrie Mobile app from your smartphone or computer.

“Moultrie Mobile connects people with wildlife and wild places,” says Daniel Wilson, Moultrie Mobile’s General Manager. “You can view crystal clear images and video, day or night, of wildlife in your backyard or another state – anytime, anywhere.”

Moultrie Mobile makes the most user-friendly cellular trail cameras available, and backs them up with a two-year warranty and a U.S.-based customer service team that is available by phone, email or chat 7 days a week. Moultrie Mobile also has a complete library of how-to and troubleshooting articles on its website and similar how-to videos on its YouTube channel, too.

“Join the Movement” members also will have the opportunity to directly contribute to conservation science across Florida by sharing the data they collect from the cameras with Live Wildly Foundation and other conservation partners, including the fStop
Foundation and the Archbold Biological Station’s Corridor Observatory.

“Nature is all around us – even in our backyards,” said Live Wildly’s CEO Lisa Shipley. “Moultrie Mobile’s trail cameras give us the opportunity to get closer to nature and understand the role it plays in our daily lives.”

Live Wildly’s “Join the Movement” campaign asks members to take a pledge to support the conservation of Florida’s natural lands and waters. For every new member who joins, Live Wildly donates a dollar to conservation action, starting with the protection of the Florida Wildlife Corridor which stretches 18 million acres from the Panhandle to the Everglades.

The Wildlife Corridor is home to many of Florida’s 131 imperiled species and contributes $30 billion annually to the state’s economy through recreation, agriculture, and other industries. But only about half of the Corridor is protected. Live Wildly is working with partners to protect all of the Wildlife Corridor to keep lands and waters connected, healthy, and productive for both people and nature.

“From the rivers we fish to the forests we hike to the beaches we adore, nature sustains us,” said Shipley. “If we take care of nature, it will take care of us.”

“Wild places are extremely important to Moultrie Mobile,” says Wilson. “We are committed to partnering with conservation organizations like Live Wildly and others, to protect these important natural treasures.”

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Moultrie Mobile is the leader in cellular trail camera innovation, building products used by hunters, property owners, and others for real-time remote monitoring. Moultrie Mobile is a business unit of PRADCO Outdoor
Brands. PRADCO’s hunting brands include Whitetail Institute, Texas Hunter, Summit, Knight & Hale, and Code Blue. PRADCO Fishing manufactures and markets products for freshwater and saltwater anglers under 20+ brands, including Rebel, YUM, Booyah, War Eagle Custom Lures, Lindy, and Bomber.

Live Wildly applies an entrepreneurial approach to the conservation of Florida’s natural resources and wildlife while seeking to balance smart growth, a robust economy, and connected resilient landscapes. Through the creation of diverse coalitions, fostering collaboration, and empowering stakeholders to advance conservation efforts, Live Wildly strives to achieve a harmonious and sustainable future where economic prosperity coexists with a thriving and resilient ecological landscape.