The Florida Wildlife Corridor Act is a year old. Here’s what it does.

WGCU | Jul 31, 2022

The Florida Wildlife Corridor Act was signed into law just over a year ago. Learn more about this ongoing effort to protect Florida’s lands and wildlife.

The Florida Wildlife Corridor is a state-wide network of public and private lands encompassing nearly 18-million acres that stretches from the Panhandle to the Everglades. The corridor isn’t one long stretch of natural land, but a patchwork of green spaces, like national and state parks, forests, and the rivers and streams that pass through them.

State lawmakers passed – and Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law – the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act just over a year ago. The new law’s purpose is “to create incentives for conservation and sustainable development while sustaining and conserving the green infrastructure that is the foundation of Florida’s economy and quality of life.”