Introducing Live Wildly Adventurists!


From the sandy shores of the Panhandle to the beauty of the Everglades, the Florida Wildlife Corridor weaves its magic, defining the essence of what makes Florida, Florida. Spanning 18 million acres, the Corridor is the lifeblood of the Sunshine State, nurturing its ecology, fueling its economy, and ultimately safeguarding its existence.

Here at Live Wildly, we are passionate about protecting and cherishing wild Florida. That’s why we’re proud to announce our first Live Wildly Adventurist, George McKenzie Jr. 

What is an Adventurist? And who is George? Read on to find out more.

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Photo by George McKenzie, Jr.

What is a Live Wildly Adventurist?

At the heart of Live Wildly is our passionate desire to create a real, resilient impact in Florida and beyond. In our quest to encourage others to love what makes Florida, Florida, we’re on the lookout for those who dare to dream big – those who champion extraordinary storytelling projects across various mediums that help connect everyone to the beauty of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. 

We believe that storytelling is a driving force for change in our world, and by partnering with some of the best storytellers out there, we can spread the word about the rare but accessible beauty of wild Florida while encouraging Floridians and visitors alike to craft meaningful life experiences while taking action on behalf of nature.

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Photo by George McKenzie, Jr.

What do Live Wildly Adventurists Do?

Live Wildly Adventurists are voices of the Corridor – exploring the depths of this vast landscape and sharing stories of their time in the field. They are filmmakers and writers, photographers and scientists, adventure athletes and knowledge seekers. Adventurists bring wild Florida to life through their perspective with writing, visuals, or even music while sharing ways that you, too, can enjoy and protect nature.


Introducing George McKenzie, Jr.

We’re excited to announce our first Live Wildly Adventurist, George McKenzie, Jr!

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this city dweller isn’t who you might expect to encounter deep in a swamp setting camera traps or training his lens at the night sky in Kissimmee Preserve State Park. But that’s precisely what makes George’s perspective on his adopted state of Florida so unique. 

A chance encounter with renowned wildlife photographer Charlie Hamilton James was George’s first foray into wildlife and nature photography, starting with a project on pigeons that changed his perception of these urban birds. Since then, George has continued tackling projects that feature nature and wildlife in all forms, from the rats in New York City’s gutters to setting camera traps with our partner organization, Wildpath, to catch a glimpse of the iconic Florida panther. George is a member of the Explorers Club and one of their EC 50 Member’s class of 2021.

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George now calls central Florida home, deep in the heart of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. As Live Wildly’s first Adventurist, George will be training his considerable talent for storytelling, education, and creating stunning images on capturing wild Florida through his eyes.

We invite you to stay tuned to our social media channels and blog for regular updates from George and his wild adventures through wild Florida.