We apply an entrepreneurial approach to protecting wild Florida while seeking to balance smart growth, a robust economy, and a connected, resilient landscape.


Our first priority? The Florida Wildlife Corridor. This 18-million-acre wildlife superhighway is a model for public-private partnership, citizen advocacy, and grassroots support. 



Founder Arnie Bellini

Arnie Bellini

An avid cyclist who once also swam the English Channel, Arnie dedicated his life to protecting nature after an encounter with a Florida panther near his home just outside Tampa Bay.
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CEO Lisa Shipley

Lisa Shipley

Chief Executive Officer
Hailing from the corn fields of central Illinois, Lisa brings a lifetime of love for nature to her role as CEO of Live Wildly. With 25 years of experience in conservation, she spent nearly two decades at The Nature Conservancy.
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Social Media Manager Aaron Rickel Jones

Aaron Rickel Jones

Director, Communications
Aaron honed his storytelling skills studying film and television production at Chapman University and has been telling multimedia stories for companies, nonprofits, and individuals ever since.
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Director, External Affairs Meredith Budd

Meredith Budd

Director, Strategic Initiatives
From the lush landscapes of Central and South America to the island nations of the South Pacific, Meredith spent nearly 5 years after University exploring natural wonders across the world.
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Senior Advisor Tom Eason

Thomas Eason

Senior Director, Conservation
Thomas is a passionate wildlife conservation professional with more than 30 years of research, management, and leadership experience.
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A Meeks

Angeline Meeks

Director, Cartography
Angeline is a third generation Floridian who was raised to appreciate and respect Florida’s wild spaces. She brings these values to her work as a cartographer and storyteller where she combines her love of maps, data, and nature to tell stories about wild Florida.
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Michelle Yepez

Events Producer
A native to Tampa Bay, Michelle’s passion for the natural world blossomed from a sun-soaked childhood exploring Florida. She found a love of volunteering for habitat restoration projects which quickly transformed into a career in Nonprofit Development and Event Production.
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Business Operations Advisor Kyle Baysinger

Kyle Baysinger

Business Operations Advisor
Kyle is an avid adventure cyclist, operational master-mind and part-time ranch-hand on his family farm. He has a diverse background in information technology and solutions, project management and finance.
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Field Marketing Manager Halle Goldstein

Halle Goldstein

Project Coordinator
Born and raised in Southwest Florida, Halle always felt a deep connection with the outdoors through angling, scuba diving, and hiking. After graduating from Florida State University in 2018, Halle spent the next 5 years garnering experience in Florida’s conservation space.
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Lead Adventurist + Storyteller Sara Sheehy

Sara Sheehy

Director, Storytelling + Lead Adventurist
Sara is an adventurer and storyteller with a passion for wild places. Whether traveling in her campervan or exploring her backyard, she crafts stories that help people fall in love with the world around them.
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Adventurist George McKenzie Jr

George McKenzie Jr.

George McKenzie Jr., an award-winning photographer and documentarian from Brooklyn, New York, has overcome his high school dropout status to become a renowned visual storyteller.
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We are actively seeking partners to help advance Wildlife Corridor Conservation AND reach more advocates.