Saddle Up for Sunshine: Epic Bike Cruises in Wild Florida


Saddle up biking enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Strap on your helmets and explore nature in one of the best ways we know – on two wheels.

Here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy a bike cruise through beautiful wild Florida.

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West Orange Trail, Orlando

In the heart of the state and near the headwaters of the Everglades, Orlando offers more than its famous theme parks. Meet the West Orange Trail, a 22-mile paved rail trail that follows the route of the once-thriving Orange Belt Railway. Enjoy moments of quiet in nature as you soak in the 1950s vibes and small-town allure. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle, just 15 minutes from downtown Orlando.

Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, St Petersburg

Stretching from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs is the 46-mile Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail. This paved rail trail on Florida’s west coast meanders through public parks, through residential neighborhoods, and along the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Named after Fred Marquis, a former Pinellas County administrator who was instrumental in the creation of the trail, this route takes you off the busy roads and into the beauty of nature.

Get involved: Check out our friends at the Florida Bicycle Association for more ways to get involved with safe and sustainable biking opportunities for all Floridians.

Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail, Jacksonville

For those seeking solitude and seclusion, the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail is calling your name. Tucked away just west of Jacksonville, this 14.5-mile trail offers serenity in spades. You can also spot some remnants of the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad, which operated from the late 1800s until the mid-20th century, in the form of vintage train cars and railway signs. Surrounded by pristine woodlands, it’s an easily accessible escape into wild Florida.

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Shark Valley, Everglades National Park

For an unforgettable bike adventure, check out Shark Valley in Everglades National Park. Pedal along the 15-mile loop trail that winds through sawgrass marshes and cypress domes while keeping an eye out for the park’s famous wildlife, including alligators, turtles, lizards, and a dizzying variety of birds. This flat, paved path is perfect for cyclists of all skill levels and has an observation tower at the halfway point – an excellent stop for panoramic views over the wetlands.

Check out My Family Travel Adventures’ bucket-list-worthy and family-friendly cruise through Shark Valley!

Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami

It’s hard to beat the views along the Rickenbacker Causeway, a scenic pedal through Biscayne Bay that features stunning views of the iconic Miami skyline. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re biking through a Florida postcard, this is the place to do it. Start your adventure at Crandon Park, a one-time coconut plantation that now has beautiful beaches and coastal dunes ready for exploring.

Gear Up for Your Bike Cruise

As you gear up for your Florida road biking adventure, here are some tips to make the most out of your experience:

  • Stay hydrated, slap on that reef-friendly sunscreen, and don’t forget to bring some snacks.
  • Ensure your bike is ready to roll before embarking on epic rides. Don’t have a bike? Check out a local bike shop and ask about hourly or daily rentals.
  • Smile, wave, and share the road with fellow cyclists and drivers—you’re all part of the Florida road biking family.
  • Embrace that Florida sunshine and bring your sunniest attitude!

Wild Florida makes an ideal playground for cyclists of all stripes. So, let your hair (or helmet!) down, embrace the adventure, and soak in the beauty of the Sunshine State on two wheels.

Header image by Sara Sheehy