Adventurist George McKenzie Jr

George McKenzie Jr.


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George McKenzie Jr., an award-winning photographer and documentarian from Brooklyn, New York, has overcome his high school dropout status to become a renowned visual storyteller. With over five years in the industry, his work delves into wildlife, natural history, culture, and conservation. Currently, he is the Adventurist at Large for Live Wildly and a National Geographic Society Explorer. McKenzie Jr. also contributes as a mentor and a NatGeo Photo Camp instructor, further enriching his role in the field. His affiliation with the Explorer’s Club EC50 underscores his notable contributions to exploration and storytelling. He gained acclaim for his work on “Path of the Panther” (2022), reflecting his skill in creating impactful narratives and visually arresting explorations. Originating from Guyana and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, George McKenzie Jr. brings a unique perspective to wildlife photography, a legacy he proudly shares globally.