Florida needs a green infrastructure plan. Our Wildlife Corridor provides the blueprint

Miami Herald | Oct 14, 2022

Almost 1,000 people move to Florida every day for its beautiful scenery, affordable cost of living and great business opportunities. To keep the way of life that inspired us to call Florida home in the first place, we must balance growth with both people and nature in mind. Florida is at the forefront of the battle against climate change and sea-level rise. As the most hurricane-prone state in the country, when natural disasters like Hurricane Ian hit our shores, the impacts are widely felt, harming local economies, displacing residents across the state and disturbing critical wildlife habitats. Our greatest challenge also is our greatest opportunity: The state can’t have a robust economy without a robust ecology. The Sunshine State needs a more sustainable long-term solution, and we’d be wise to follow the path of Florida’s iconic panther. Better still, we already hold a map that shows us the way.