9 Wild Ways to Invest in the Corridor this Earth Day


Jump into our Earth Day Challenge and see what the Florida Wildlife Corridor – and Nature near year – can do!

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day — a time to thank nature for how it sustains, protects and uplifts us, and reflect on how we can do the same for the planet. This year’s theme is “Investing in Our Planet,” and we’re joining the celebration with a Corridor challenge!

The Corridor touches our lives every day, from providing a refuge from Florida’s busy cities, protection for Florida’s rivers and springs, recreation in its parks and forests, and home for the iconic animals that make Florida, Florida—to name a few. There are many ways we can all do our part to thank the Corridor for the wild ways it adds to our lives.

Join Live Wildly’s Earth Day challenge to learn nine unique ways to invest in protecting and connecting the Corridor this Earth Day!

1. Take a wellness break outdoors.

Yoga in the Park, Jacksonville, FL. Photo by Karine Aigner.

We call Florida the Sunshine State for a reason. With an average of 230 sunny days per year, Florida offers ideal weather for getting outside and exploring the Corridor. Choose your favorite wellness activity — whether that’s walking, running, meditating, journaling or just being still — and do it outside for at least 30-minutes. Need some inspiration? Check out our Explore Page with ideas for all your favorite wild activities.

2. Plan a day trip to the Corridor.

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Have you checked out our Weekend in the Corridor: 30A yet?

To experience all the Corridor has to offer, plan a day trip to a Corridor spot (or two!). This is your chance to swim in crystal-clear springs, hike through towering forests or spot some iconic Corridor animals. We have Weekend in the Corridor itineraries planned for major Florida cities, or you can download our app to plan your own adventure.

3. Be a Corridor advocate and raise awareness.

Anhinga Chicks 1 1 2
What are the Anhinga Chicks talking about? The Corridor, of course! Photo Credit: Adam Bass

Some Floridians still don’t know what the Corridor is or how it connects to their daily lives. Help us change that by simply telling a friend about the Corridor and what it means to you. Whether it’s your eco-friendly BFF, bird-loving dad or a pal who still gets crocs and gators mixed up, share our social channels (@LiveWildlyFL) with your inner circle. If they want to learn more, direct them to our Q&A!

4. Invest in the Corridor by volunteering.

Karine Aigner Tandem Stills1
Photo Credit: Karine Aigner.

You don’t need to be a wildlife conservationist to care for the Corridor or Florida as a whole. Picking up trash in your neighborhood, reducing your plastic use or planting non-invasive species are all small — yet big — ways to give back. Explore these volunteer opportunities and look out for upcoming Corridor events for a variety of ways to get involved. And hey, you never know what you may find — take a look at Wild Floridian Andrew Otazo’s story to see the wild and not-so-wild trash he’s found throughout his Corridor clean ups. 

5. Support a local, sustainable business.

From your favorite neighborhood coffee shop with an eco-twist to a sustainable fashion brand, support a local business that does their part to care for the state. Share the business with us on social at @LiveWildlyFL or post a photo of your visit and tag us. Need some inspo? We rounded up five local, and Hispanic-owned, businesses that support the community and environment.

6. Try biking, walking or taking public transportation for a day.

Morning Nature Walk with Alachua Conservation Trust. Orange Lake Overlook Nature Preserve. Photo by Karine Aigner.

While not everyone has the ability — or desire — to skateboard from the Panhandle to the Keys, switching from driving to walking or riding a bike, board or bus has numerous benefits for the environment and in turn, the Corridor. Plus, walking or biking allows you to experience Florida’s wild side firsthand. So, trade four wheels for two (wheels or legs) and see where it takes you!

Live Wildly Fact: Public transportation saves an estimated 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in the U.S. each year, and increased biking could save approximately 6 to 14 million tons annually

7. Share your favorite Wild Floridian.

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Photo Credit: Karlos Bernart @singletracksamurai on IG

You don’t have to be a real-life mermaid advocating for Florida’s springs or a local legend who has collected tens of thousands of pounds of trash in Florida’s mangroves to be a Wild Floridian — anyone can play a role in protecting and raising awareness about Florida’s “wild side.” 

We want to bring new voices and faces to the Corridor conversation. Do you know someone with a passion for Florida and dedication for protecting its nature and wildlife? Share them with us here for the chance to be featured as our next Wild Floridian!

8. Show us how you ‘Live Wildly.’

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Photo credit: Justin Bright, @justindoeslife on IG

We believe everyone can find ways to connect to the Corridor and embrace the “Live Wildly” spirit. That could be as simple as picnicking in one of the many state parks, cooling off in a spring or relaxing with your favorite book in a hammock. Or, it could be as adventurous as hiking through the Everglades and bike-packing across the state. Whatever it means to you, show us how you Live Wildly each day by tagging us at @LiveWildlyFL.

9. Donate toward Corridor protection and connection. 

As much as we wish we could protect the 18-million-acre Corridor with our wild spirits and sheer passion to keep Florida, Florida, your support of our mission helps drive our partnerships and initiatives forward. Did you know all proceeds from our Live Wildly merch go directly to funding our efforts? Rock a Live Wildly hat, t-shirt or reusable water bottle and know your purchase invests in sustaining the Corridor for years to come!